Rules on board

Rules on board

Somes rules in the bus

  Do not smoke or vapot

  Fold the strollers to not clutter the path

  No animals except for guide dogs in muzzle

  Make sure your luggage doesn't clutter the path nor occupies a seat

Voluminous objects aren't allowed on board.

  Do not degrade the equipment, especially by laying your feet on the seats.

  Always provide a valid ticket, otherwise you may be fined.

If you don't have a valid ticket, buy one from the bus driver.


Advices to take the bus


   If you want the bus to stop, make a sign to the driver. Get on the bus from the front door.

  Validate your Bus Title or show it to the driver.

  When you want to leave : press the stop button, in a respectable time limit so the driver can stop to the next bus stop.

Get off by the back door.

  Wait for the bus departure before walking over a pedestrian crossing

  If you found a object on board, give it to the bus driver. Si you lost an object, please contact us.


 The sanctions

If you are checked without any Bus Title, or a unvalid one, a control agent can draw up a report.


Passenger with a unvalid ticket : 39.50€ if you pay in 7 days, 72.50€ for a deferred payment

Passenger with no Bus Title : 56.50€ if you pay in 7 days / 89.50€ for a deferred payment.

If you are controlled without your card (scholar or subscription) : You have 5 days to show your card at Gare Routière (Bus Station) of Honfleur, Rue des Vases, to cancel the fine. However, you will have to pay 5€ of fees.










Route Map

Route Map



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