Keolis Calvados

Keolis Calvados

Keolis Calvados is a subsidiary company of Keolis who ensures the exploitation and the commercialisation of several network of people transportation on the behalf of the Region Normandy.

Keolis Calvados makes a turnover of 24 millions of Euros per year.

Keolis Calvados employ :
- 56 employees (of which 45 drivers),
- 36 vehicles,
- 6 welcome points for the clients over the department

The Welcome Points of Caen (Gare Routière and Courtonne), Honfleur, Deauville, Bayeux and Lisieux are situated in the heart of town, on the main poles of exchange between Bus Verts and the urban transport network.

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Keolis group

The Keolis group, leader of passengers public transport in France and a major actor internationally with a presence in 8 european countries and in Canada.

Keolis assures every day the journeys of millions of peoples in France and internationally. Listening to the users, the local communities and private companies, the Keolis Group offers tailored solutions of mobility, innovative and adapted to every travel's problematics.

Operator of the urban transport networks in more than 80 french agglomerations, Keolis is a major actor of the interurban sector in 65 departments.

Keolis Calvados benefits from the experience and expertise of a group of 40 000 collaborators, of which more than 29 000 bus drivers, tramways, subway and trains.

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